If You Have Lost Your Dog

What to do if you have lost your dog

If You Have Lost Your Dog

What to do if you have lost your dog

What to do if you have lost your dog

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leave your dog unattended outside a shop or even out of view in your garden if it is accessible Hundreds of pets go missing every day. Some run off, escape from gardens or run off after prey when you are out on a walk, but an alarming number of pets are also stolen. Below are some tips on what you can do to try and get your pet back.

Important numbers:

There are a number of places to call if your dog has gone missing or has been stolen. Make sure that you have important information about your dog ready. Description of what he looks like, especially if he has any distinctive marks. If he’s micro chipped, have his microchip details nearby. Is he tagged? What does the tag say? What is the colour of his collar? Does he have any scars? Is he neutered? Where was he last seen?

Keep the numbers in your mobile phones of – Your dog’s microchip number, the phone number of the microchip company, your vet and the insurance company, then, should you be panicking, at least you have all the relevant numbers to hand.

These are a few important numbers:

What to do next...

Items that smell of your home

If your dog ran away, leave an item of clothing that smells of you (so don’t put something down that has just been washed, use an old sweater you’ve been wearing or similar) at the spot where you last saw him. If you were out on a walk that you drove to by car, also put an item that smells of the home by the spot where your car was parked. You can also put a bowl of water by these locations, in case your dog needs a drink. Return to these two spots with regular intervals and call for your dog. Most dogs will return to where they saw you last and look for you.

Posters of your dog

Make posters with your dog’s picture on them, make sure the image is really clear and large. Describe your dog and where he got lost. Leave a phone number on the poster, where people can reach you at all times (mobile phone is best). If you can, offer a reward, as there are lots of horrid people out there who snatch dogs to get a reward and even though it isn’t right, I’d rather pay to get my dog back safe and sound than not knowing what happened to him. Put the posters up on notice boards, in the window at newsagents, vets, groomers, pet shops, local supermarkets, police station, etc. You can also put posters up on lamp posts for ultimate exposure. The more people that are aware of your dog missing, the more eyes will see him if he appears. If you can’t make a poster yourself, you can have one made for you at www.doglost.co.uk

Always keep your microchip details and tag details up to date! – Not only is it the law, but how can people contact you if they find your beloved pet…..

If your dog is microchipped or tattooed, make sure all your details are correct with the corresponding database. If you had your dog microchipped at the vets, call them to double-check that they have the correct address and phone number for you. If your dog is tagged, was the tag up to date?

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